Étiquette : Secret Invasion

3 avril 2008 Non

Preview : Mighty Avengers #12

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[ENGLISH] The most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe-Nick Fury-went underground after a failed espionage mission, but now the former…

31 mars 2008 Non

Secret Invasion…

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[FRENCH] Marvel nous procure à l’instant cette image sexy en guise de mise en bouche pour les proches événements de…

15 mars 2008 Non

Who do you trust : Doomed !

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[English] Marvel keeps on saying… « Who Do you Trust ? ». Maybe we’ll finally know very soon. Secret Invasion is about…

3 mars 2008 Non

Preview : Ms. Marvel #25

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[ENGLISH] Iron Man has discovered the latest Skrull infiltrator and it’s…Ms. Marvel? Enter the extra-sized Ms. Marvel #25, from acclaimed…