Preview : Ms. Marvel #25

3 mars 2008 Non Par Comic Box

msmarvel25dodsonvar.jpg[ENGLISH] Iron Man has discovered the latest Skrull infiltrator and it’s…Ms. Marvel? Enter the extra-sized Ms. Marvel #25, from acclaimed writer Brian Reed (New Avengers: The Illuminati, Captain Marvel) and new series artist Adriana Melo, beginning a story right on the front lines of Secret Invasion. But is Ms. Marvel here to help us…or destroy us? And what does this issue’s cover, from renowned cover artist Greg Horn, mean for the future of the Marvel Universe? This issue also features a stunning variant by the acclaimed Terry Dodson, who also provides a connecting cover on Captain Marvel #4.


“The Secret Invasion is pretty rapidly becoming less and less of a secret to both Captain and Ms. Marvel,” revealed Brian Reed. “Ms. Marvel #25 has it all. Secrets are revealed, someone is killed, almost nobody is who they seem, Carol Danvers saves Captain Marvel’s life, and a Skrull steals the Space Shuttle! We’re also excited to welcome the new art team of Adrianna Melo and Mariah Benes. They have walked onto this book and made it their own, creating absolutely spectacular pages of art. For this first issue, they’re joined by Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema, two great and classic Marvel artists, who help us revisit Carol’s days as a NASA security chief… and learn that this invasion started a long time before Carol Danvers was a super hero!”


Series editor Steve Wacker said, “Brian’s been getting a lot of much deserved attention because of his work on Captain Marvel as well as right here on Ms. Marvel, so if you haven’t climbed on board the Reed train yet, now’s the time!”

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Ms. Marvel #25 as the series directly ties into 2008’s most-anticipated event, Secret Invasion, and continues to garner critical acclaim. Just who—or what—is Ms. Marvel? Find out in this can’t miss anniversary issue!

msmarvel25cover.jpgMS. MARVEL #25 (SI:I) (JAN082167)
Written by BRIAN REED
Penciled by ADRIANA MELO
Cover by GREG HORN
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—3/6/08, On-Sale—3/26/08