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20 mars 2008 Non

Armory Wars Collection

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[ENGLISH] Claudio Sanchez, singer/guitarist of the platinum-selling rock group, Coheed and Cambria, announced today that his mini-series THE AMORY WARS…

5 mars 2008 Non

Wildguard Returns!

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[ENGLISH] 5 March 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – The original reality-TV heroes make their triumphant return in WILDGUARD: INSIDER, a three-issue…

25 janvier 2008 Non

Reign Of The Super Dead!

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[ENGLISH] 24 January, 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – In celebration of THE WALKING DEAD 50, Image Comics announced a limited 1-in-100…

18 janvier 2008 Non

Return To The Dark Kingdom

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[ENGLISH] Tim Vigil, Mark Kidwell and Jay Fotos return to a Frazetta classic – This April, Frazetta tradition of epic dark…

15 janvier 2008 Non

Perhapanauts keep coming!

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[ENGLISH] Hot off the heels of this February’s PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL, Craig Rousseau and Todd Dezago return this April with the…

12 janvier 2008 Non

Nixon’s Not A Crook…

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[ENGLISH] January 10th, 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – This March YOUNGBLOOD’s Joe Casey and rising star Chris Burnham dig deep into…

11 janvier 2008 Non

Urban Monsters @ Image Comics

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[ENGLISH] « URBAN MONSTERS pokes a lot of fun at the post-Warhol American Dream wherein everyone’s after their fifteen minutes of…

29 octobre 2007 Non

Glamour Gone!

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[ENGLISH] Image tells us: Jamie McKelvie’s SUBURBAN GLAMOUR #1, hot off the heels of his critically-acclaimed mini-series PHONOGRAM, has officially…