PopGun Volume 1 is coming…

29 novembre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

prebig1.jpg[ENGLISH] Writer Mark Smith tells us: PopGun Volume One is out on Thursday.  PopGun is getting a lot of press on places like IGN, Newsarama, Wizard Magazine, CSN, & CBR.  I have copies of the first volume in my hands and it’s a beautiful book at around 450 pages.  It’s doing well in sales but we’ve got to create more buzz about it for its release so that people go into comic book stores and seek it out.

The 29th of November will see Image Comics release the graphic mix tape entitled Popgun. This 400+ page behemoth of awesome will feature only the freshest selection of sequential styling by new upcoming creators and creators new to the medium; it will even feature a select few veteran creators producing something new and different to what you would previously associate them with.

prebig14.jpgPopgun aims to deliver something for everyone by targeting the larger pop spectrum as opposed to the usual niche comics market. It was approached with the mindset of developing the ultimate comic book mix tape; a diverse and sophisticated collection of work with which to attract new readers and infect mainstream pop culture with comics.

prebig15.jpgIf you’re contributing to this volume or the next one be sure to spread the word about PopGun and get a buzz out to the people about the book so that they know to pick it up.  This includes getting family and friends to pick it up, if you have Myspace Posting a bullitin about PopGun out tomorrow, if you have a blog posting about it on your blog, ask a friend to post it on their blog and mention it, if you have Deviant Art Post about it there, and then of course telling your comic shop and friends to order copies of the book. Let’s do everything we can within our power to promote PopGun.

prebig2.jpgDespite all the press, it’s important to get people excited about the book on a human level with a human connection and that connection is you.  So please do your best to help promote and spread the word about PopGun, be it on a blog, or even a myspace bulletin, and try to do everything you can to promote PopGun’s release tomorrow.  When posting use your own voice and tone and promote it in a style that’s your own and comfortable to you and in your own style and way.

Spread the word of Popgun! Tell everyone you know anyway you can, get arrested if you have too haha

I posted this last night on DeviantArt, if you have a DA account it would be cool if you could fav it and maybe leave a comment or something to keep it up top of the page so everyone finds out about it.

The PopGun Website that explains what the book is about:

Here is a link to the text for the Myspace Bulletin Page and you can
copy and past this into a bulletin:

Then  here is a link to pass around for the actual Amazon ordering page:

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