Return To The Dark Kingdom

18 janvier 2008 Non Par Comic Box

darkk.jpg[ENGLISH] Tim Vigil, Mark Kidwell and Jay Fotos return to a Frazetta classic – This April, Frazetta tradition of epic dark fantasy continues as the masterpiece DARK KINGDOM roars to life from the canvas to a full-color 32-page one-shot written by 68’s Mark Kidwell and featuring the return of FAUST artist Tim Vigil. « DARK KINGDOM is the type of project that’s impossible to pass up, » said Vigil. « How do you say no to working with one of the masters of modern illustration? It’s incredibly inspiring, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m doing my best to uphold the tradition of quality started by the DEATH DEALER miniseries. »

In 2007, the very first fully approved Frank Frazetta comic book made its debut with DEATH DEALER, a six-issue miniseries that received acclaim and praise from all over the industry for its adaptation of the story behind the original paintings. The same attention and care is being brought to DARK KINGDOM, to accurately translate the power and intensity of the original work.

DARK KINGDOM (FEB082115), a 32-page one-shot for $3.99, will be in stores April 2nd, 2008.