Glamour Gone!

29 octobre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

glamour.jpg[ENGLISH] Image tells us: Jamie McKelvie’s SUBURBAN GLAMOUR #1, hot off the heels of his critically-acclaimed mini-series PHONOGRAM, has officially sold out at the distribution level. « SUBURBAN GLAMOUR is the first work I’ve done completely solo, following LONG HOT SUMMER with Eric Stephenson and PHONOGRAM with Kieron Gillen, » said series writer/artist Jamie McKelvie. « Writing and drawing on my own was initially nerve wracking, but news like this has me very excited. I’m especially happy there’s a solid readership who will experience the story getting much stranger and far more dangerous for Astrid and company. »

SUBURBAN GLAMOUR is a four-issue modern day fantasy mini-series featuring a teenage girl, Astrid, whose world spirals out of control once her childhood imaginary friends turn out to be real. Her previously make-believe friends reveal themselves to be harbingers for a greater evil centered upon the hometown she’s eager to leave. The mini-series has already received high praise from such sources as FELL’s Warren Ellis.

Ellis said, « If PHONOGRAM didn’t already convince you that Jamie’s one of the major new talents of the decade, please do make sure you get a look at this. »

SUBURBAN GLAMOUR #2 (AUG072034), a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, is currently available for reorder and will be in stores in December. LONG HOT SUMMER (JUL051621), an 80-page black & white original graphic novel, and PHONOGRAM: RUE BRITTANIA (JAN071929), a 152-page black and & tradepaperback, are in-stock.

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