Image Comics Sell Out Double Feature!

24 janvier 2008 Non Par Comic Box

sword.jpg[ENGLISH] Despite significant overprints, two of Image’s best-selling titles, FRANK FRAZETTA’S DEATH DEALER 5 and THE SWORD 4, simultaneously sold out at a distribution level. « Everyone on the DEATH DEALER team couldn’t be more excited as this marks our fifth sell out, » said Frazetta Comics editor Jay Fotos said. « We’re very thankful for Frank’s loyal, rabid fan base. Based off the reaction to DEATH DEALER, I’m confident they’ll enjoy the upcoming Frazetta comics such as DARK KINGDOM and SWAMP DEMON. »

deathd.jpgFRANK FRAZETTA’S DEATH DEALER 5 marks the penultimate issue to the only Frank Frazetta approved DEATH DEALER series to hit the stands. Due to its continued success an oversized, deluxe hardcover edition will arrive this April. In addition, the Luna Brothers’ THE SWORD has thus far sold out soon after each issue’s release. Fans eager to read the series are encouraged to do so now, as the first trade paperback will not be available until June 25th, in time with issue 9.

« We’re seeing a rise in The Sword’s sales, so we’re happy that more people are getting into and enjoying this series, » said SWORD artist Jonathan Luna. « As always, we appreciate the support of the fans and retailers. »

SWORD writer Joshua Luna added, « This is a story that Jon and I are having an absolute blast creating. We’re putting everything we love to write and draw about into The Sword: drama, action, supernatural elements and mystery. Plus, as always, we strive to make it accessible to all readers–well, at least, to the ones who can handle limbs getting chopped off. »

FRANK FRAZETTA’S DEATH DEALER 5 2nd Ptg. (NOV078143), a 32-page full color comic book with a gold foil cover for $3.99, is available now. THE SWORD 4 2nd Ptg. (NOV078122), a 32-page full color comic book for $2.99, will be available in stores January 23rd, 2008.