One Hit Wonder: Hollywood Killer @ Indeez Urban Editions

25 octobre 2012 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Indeez Urban Editions tells us: PARIS, October 25th, 2012 – publisher INDEEZ Urban Editions is proud to announce its first international comic book series, ONE HIT WONDER: HOLLYWOOD KILLER, from writer FABRICE SAPOLSKY and superstar artist ARIEL OLIVETTI.

« There used to be a thin line between fiction and reality. I tore this line apart for good. » — Richie Reese.

His name was on every lips. His face was printed on cereal boxes. He was destined for stardom. But everything fell apart. He couldn’t get over his own success and became a One Hit Wonder. So Richie Reese grew up an angry man. He only found solace in violence and killing. Recruited by the Mafia, he became the best at what he does. Using his network in Hollywood, he turned out to be the ultimate hitman. But he needed something else. Being recognized by his peers as an artist, an actor. This is when things started to get ugly. This is where our story begins…

ONE HIT WONDER: HOLLYWOOD KILLER: A new comic book series starting early 2013. Brought to you by writer Fabrice Sapolsky (Spider-Man Noir, Black Box) and artist Ariel Olivetti (Cable, Punisher War Journal, Batman…).

Soundtrack written and produced especially for the series by up and coming Hip-Hop artist Terrell « Carnage the Executioner » Woods who’ll also appear, as a character in the series.

Produced by INDEEZ Urban Edition, a French publisher with an International state of mind.

ONE HIT WONDER: HOLLYWOOD KILLER#1 – 24 pages ENGLISH LANGUAGE preview. Full Color. Available Exclusively at the Angouleme Comic Book Festival in January 2013.

ONE HIT WONDER: HOLLYWOOD KILLER Vol.1 – 56 pages FRENCH LANGUAGE Hardcover, available in France and French Speaking countries on March 7th, 2013. International Rights Available.

Prepare yourself to be hit!

About INDEEZ Urban Editions :

INDEEZ Urban Editions reunites comics with urban culture, at last!

Created in 2008, INDEEZ Urban Editions is a publisher unlike any other, the only one with street credibility. Slowly but wisely, the « House of Urban ideas » has built solid foundations with a comic book catalog which includes projects you’ll never read anywhere else, such as the sleeper hit « L’Evasion », a tale of life in Prison by redhot creator Berhet One. INDEEZ Urban Editions also published French versions of American series like « Scarface », « Tupac » or « Method Man ».

2012 has seen the young label growing in many ways with new exciting series :

• « Samourawaii » and its spin-off » Neron » (an all-age Manga infused universe)

• « Turboten » starring tennis-player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

• « Les Apatrides » a SciFi classic in the making!

• « Friskoz Invaderz »

In 2013, INDEEZ Urban Editions takes it to another level with ONE HIT WONDER: HOLLYWOOD KILLER !