Jim Lee Unites With Image Founders For Image United!

5 novembre 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Jim Lee Unites With Image Founders For Image United![ENGLISH] Image Comics says: Image Founder and WILDC.A.Ts creator Jim Lee provides all-new cover for November’s IMAGE UNITED #1! Since IMAGE UNITED’s announcement, fans have clamored for the one missing Image Comics founder, Jim Lee, to take part in the crossover event. Earlier today, Image and Newsarama revealed Lee will definitely take part with an all-new cover featuring the entire pantheon of Image superheroes at the hands of the resurrected Al Simmons.

Jim Lee Unites With Image Founders For Image United!

« Things just got real, » IMAGE UNITED writer Robert Kirkman said. « Having all seven founders truly united propels the crossover to a whole new level. That’s a commonly used phrase, but it’s definitely the case here. This is exactly the moment fans have been hoping for and I’m very happy to say Jim delivered. That said, if you think this is cool, just wait for what happens next! »

IMAGE UNITED is a six-part crossover encompassing the entire Image superhero universe and features each Image founder illustrating their own characters. Since its announcement, the crossover has set headlines with New York Times, USAToday and other massive media outlets for its once-in-a-lifetime approach to the superhero crossover. Lee’s cover is available for order in addition to those by Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Jim Valentino, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri and Todd McFarlane.

IMAGE UNITED #1, a full-color 32-page comic book for $3.99, will be in-stores November 25th, 2009.