Étiquette : Tommy Lee Edwards

23 mars 2011 Non

Turf #5 Variant Covers

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[ENGLISH] Image Comics tells us: Turf Concludes with Variant Covers by Dave Gibbons and Michael Kaluta  – Berkeley, CA –…

7 juillet 2010 Non

CB Live: Tommy Lee Edwards

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[FRENCH/ENGLISH] Voici une vidéo clip de l’excellent Tommy Lee Edwards (Turf, Marvel 1985…) en train de dessiner Tornade, des X-Men…

30 juin 2010 Non

Torchwood Comics @ Titan

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[ENGLISH] Titan says: Titan is pleased to announce that Torchwood comic will debut at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International…

20 juin 2008 Non

Preview : Marvel 1985 #2

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[ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: THE STORY: “CLYDE WYNCHAM” Marvel’s most deadly villains have a foothold in the real world—but who…