Tex Bites Into The Big Apple — The National That Is!

8 novembre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] It’s just been announced that comics creator Mark Texeira will be part of the all-star lineup for this year’s The National convention November 14-16! And, he’ll be unveiling new details and ordering opportunities about his new art book: « Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira–The Artist’s Great Escape, » as well. Currently the penciler on Marvel’s « MoonKnight » series and certainly known worldwide for his Ghost Rider work, Tex is equally lauded for his illustrative style that always adds a bit of “New York know-how” to any project–painting or interiors– that he tackles. His career has spanned work in not only comics, but in film, magazine publishing, album covers and more.

In addition to unveiling several new prints for the New York National show, Mark and his representation will also be promoting two new projects: the art book “Tex: The Art of Mark Texeira” from Vanguard Productions, with text by Renee Witterstaetter; and the new “Creator Chronicles: Mark Texeira” DVD on the painter from Woodcrest Productions/Eva Ink, which will debut next year, and which will feature a painting tutorial with the artist.

Mark will be on hand all days of The National, November 14-16th at the Penn Plaza Pavilion in Manhattan, along with other comics creators: Michael Golden, Basil Gogos, Billy Tucci, Buzz, Carmine Infantino, Chris Claremont, David Lloyd, Dennis Colero, Dick Ayers, Herb Trimpe, Irwin Hasen, Jim Salicrup, Jim Shooter, Jim Steranko, Guy Dorian, John Romita Sr., Larry Hama, Ian Dorian, Peter David, Rodney Ramos, Joe Sinnott, mark Sparacio, John Cooke, Roy Thomas, Russ Heath, Janet Jackson, Walt Simonson and Tommy Castillo among many others.

For more information on Mark Texeira and and his work, go to: www.evaink.com, and for more information on The National visit: www.bigapplecon.com