Mark Texeira Adds to the Excitement as Guest of Honor at FX!

15 avril 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Mark Texeira Adds to the Excitement as Guest of Honor at FX![ENGLISH] Evaink tells us: Orlando– FX Show, « The Coolest Show on Earth » just keeps getting bigger, as they continue to pull out the punches right up to the shows start this Friday–most recently announcing artist Mark Texeira as one of the « Guests of Honor » at their amazing convention April 17-19, 2009.

Mark Texeira Adds to the Excitement as Guest of Honor at FX!You know doubt know Mark for his work on « Vampirella, » MoonKnight, » « Black Panther, » « Pantha, » « Wolverine, » « Sabertooth, » and many  other characters that Mark describes as the « dark souls » of the industry.   In fact his work on « Ghost Rider » is so renowned that Mark was featured in an exclusive interview on the DVD of the « Ghost Rider » movie starring Nick Cage.

Coming up, you’ll be seeing Texeira on sequential art again soon with projects for Wizards of the Coast, and for Marvel featuring new work on Wolverine and the Punisher.

New on the horizon: This year will see the release of Mark’s new art book, « Tex: The Art Mark Texeira–The Artist’s Great Escape, » from Vanguard Productions and well as « Creator Chronicles: Mark Texeira from Woodcrest Productions and Eva Ink, featuring a new DVD interview and tutorial! Mark will be completing a piece from beginning to end, for the first time on camera!

Other guests scheduled to join Texeira at the Orlando Convention Center include: Leonard Nimoy, Olivier Coipel, Michael Golden, Matt Fraction, Arthur Suydam, Frank Brunner, Joseph Michael Linsner, Eva Hopkins,  Dan Brereton, Billy Tucci, Tommy Castillo, Chuck Dixon, Derec  Donovan, Francesco Francavilla, Greg Horn, Dave Johnson, Doug Murray, Ted Naifeh, Dave Nester, Phil Noto, Michael Oeming, Dan Panosian, Steve Rude, J. David Spurlock, Mark Sparacio, Renee Witterstaetter, John Beatty and many more!

Mark Texeira  is pleased to be the  « Guest of Honor » at FX Show this year, adding this to his list of favorite conventions. He will also be sketching, signing all three days o f the show.

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