[ENGLISH] IDW tells us: The Bermuda Triangle, the Arctic Vortex, Stonehedge, and The Devil’s Triangle have always been rumored to be mysterious portals to destinations unknown. Not anymore–they all lead to a scientific « Dead Letter Department » created by a global group of ancient scientists that didn’t worship Gods, they worshiped science. Together they created a massive petri dish in time where they could study everything these portal snares brought them, and then they disappeared. Only, they forgot to turn it off. And now this « lab » has acquired a nuclear bomb, a development that has a displaced WWI fighter pilot and an astronaut from the present racing to stop a pre-Nazi occultist from using the bomb to remake the world in his image. Writer Beau Smith (The Green Lantern Corps) and artist Gary Kwapisz ( Conan)present a rip-roaring, one-shot tale of cowboys, dinosaurs, Army men, Indians, Nazis, Zulu Warriors, pirates, cavemen, rebel and Yankee soldiers and even a sea monster, all within 22 action-packed pages!

« I’ve always enjoyed science fiction that dealt with time travel, history and adventure. Lost And Found is my chance to throw in some lost pieces to the puzzle we call history. » Said creator and writer, Beau Smith.

Artist, Gary Kwapisz, known for his detailed work on Conan, and The Punisher, brings his ornate, realistic art style to canvas every cycle of history in Lost And Found. Both he and Smith have done extensive research for this full throttle adventure.

« When Beau first pitched Lost And Found to us at IDW, we immediately saw how it would appeal to a wide audience that enjoys every genre, action, sci-fi, romance, time travel, monsters and mystery. Once he turned the script in we found that Beau had also put on one of the finest displays of comic book writing we had ever seen. He seamlessly told an epic story in twenty two pages that would take other writers six issues. » Added IDW President Ted Adams.

Lost And Found will be in retail stores in November 2008. It is currently in the new Diamond Previews catalogue on page 291. The retail ordering code for it is SEP08 4130. It is 32 pages in full color. For samples and review PDF files, Media and retailers can contact Beau Smith at beau@flyingfistranch.com