Flash Gordon’s Printing Error

11 septembre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Ardden says: Ardden Entertainment’s much anticipated Flash Gordon series has been held back due to a printing error with all 13000 copies destroyed. Due to be released on August 20th, Flash Gordon #1 went to print on July 10th, but after receiving copies of the first issue from its Chinese based printers, the owners of Ardden decided to pull the book due to the quality of the print and glossy finish to the cover. But with every cloud comes a silver lining as delaying the first issue has seen an additional 2000 copies sold of issue one and two – which means that Flash Gordon #1 and #2 have sold in the region 26,000 copies.

Ardden has guaranteed that the newly printed copies of the first issue will be hitting stores on September 24th, with issue two following a week or so after — most likely hitting stores at the end of September.

Copies of the first « faulty » issue have arrived at a location in the USA and Ardden is requesting that if any retailer or comic fan is offered these faulty copies for sale from anyone saying that they represent Ardden Entertainment LLC, they should contact the NY based company immediately. There is a reward for anyone who reports the sale of these copies. These faulty printings have the credits on page 3 whereas the new printings carry the creator credits on page 1.

« Firstly we’d like to thank all of the fans who have ordered copies of Flash Gordon and we sincerely apologise for the delay in getting issue one to them. For us – and the future of this company – the fact remains that we are not going to put out a book that we were not happy with; be it print quality or paper quality. Second best will not do. People are paying good money for comics and Ardden simply will not tolerate substandard quality in our books.

« Fans will see copies of issue one and issue two within the month of September and issue three will be distributed via Diamond Comics in October as guaranteed. Paul Green (artist on the new Flash series) is blowing us all away with his pages and fans are really in for a real treat, visually.

« We’d also like to thank Diamond Comics, especially Keith and Jim, for their hard work and all the help they’ve given to us with launching Flash Gordon and Ardden. It has been a joy working with them. »

Ardden Entertainment was formed in Mid 2007 by ex-Weinstein Co Executive, Brendan Deneen and ex-Markosia EiC, Richard Emms whose business model is to produce contemporized versions of classic licenses and exciting new creator-owned titles. The company is set to announce several new titles, licenses and projects in the coming weeks. Joining Deneen and Emms is veteran comic book creator and writer, JM DeMatteis, who was announced as Ardden’s Editor-in-Chief at the New York Comic-con this year.