Lady Mechanika @ Aspen

20 avril 2010 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Aspen Comics says: Aspen Comics is proud to announce their newest series debuting this fall, Lady Mechanika, from creator and superstar penciler Joe Benitez. Following on the heels of their red hot completion of the late Michael Turner’s Soulfire run, Benitez teams up with Aspen master colorist Peter Steigerwald to bring together this all new world of high concept design and turn of the century supernatural elements. Aspen and Joe Benitez describe the property:

It is Great Britain, in the turn of the century. The occult and paranormal occurrences of the period cast a dark shadow over society. However, one private investigator, LADY MECHANIKA, is clever enough to unlock the mysteries of the supernatural using an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry and unconventional, scientific technology. Yet, the real mystery lies in her creation. She is part human; part mechanical, but entirely uncertain of her origin and identity—her true existence. And discovering this cruel truth of who she is, may ultimately, lead to her downfall.

Joe Benitez will not only be creating the exciting visuals for Lady Mechanika, he will also be commanding the writing duties on the book himself. Aspen Editor-In-Chief Vince Hernandez discusses the series:

“When we [Aspen] and Joe initially sat down to discuss his project with us, we basically asked him what was going on inside his mind, and what he sought to create. We didn’t want to set any parameters on what we were looking for. We’re well aware of how talented Joe is and we wanted him to run loose with his imagination. When he came back to us with his idea and initial conceptual designs for Lady Mechanika—we were blown away! Fans can expect a daring mix of the supernatural, some mystery, and tons of action and adventure in one epic story brought to you courtesy of the talents of Joe and Peter.”
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Aspen will be releasing more news on Lady Mechanika and other exciting Aspen properties very soon. For more information on Aspen Comics, please visit