Golden and Texeira @ the « Comic Book Marketplace »

24 février 2010 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Evaink tells us: New York, NY– There is no venue quiet like the Big Apple, and with the weather getting a bit chilly out there, here’s the perfect chance to warm up, grab your own bite of what the city has to offer, and meet some of your favorite comic book creators in town for this unique one day event, all at the same time!

Mike Carbo’s New York Comic Book Marketplace is set for Saturday, February 27th, from 11am to 7pm, at the Penn Plaza Pavilion, 401 7th Ave at 33rd St, New York City! Admission is only $10 for the day, and the show is sure to feature lots of dealers selling comics, toys, DVD’s and more. We already hear that some of our favorites will be there, including Shelton Drum of Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, and our friends at Motor City Comics as well!

The guest list is something any 3-day show would be proud to boast, with the likes of Michael Golden, Mark Texeira, Ilya Salkind, Matthew Clark, Herb Trimpe, David Roya, Steve Mannion, Gene Colan, Bob Wiacek, Rodney Ramos, Rick Parker, Rudy Nebres, Chris Claremont, Renee Witterstaetter, Bill Sienkiewicz, Khary Randolph, Danny Fingeroth, Trevor Von Eeden, Larry Hama, Cliff Chiang, Sean Chen, Jim Starlin, Dick Ayers, James H. Williams III, Irwin Hasen, Guy Dorian, Ian Dorian, Dan Slott, Billy Tucci, Jim Salicrup and Janet Jackson!

Michael Golden and Mark Texeira will also have copies of their respective art books from Vanguard Productions available, « Excess: The Art of Michael Golden » and « Tex: The Art of MarkTexeira » as well as their sketchbooks from Eva Ink Publishing, « Michael Golden’s Heroes and Villains, and « Tex: Babes and Brawn. » Also inquire about numerous prints, and limited sketching as the day allows–so get there EARLY!

In addition, Michael Golden, Bill Sienkiewicz and James H. Williams III will be on the « Visionaries » panel slated for 1:00-1:45, moderated by writer/publisher Renee Witterstaetter..

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