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17 mars 2008 Non

DC Universe in June 2008

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[English] DC Comics just sent the sollicitations for comics available in June 2008 in the US… Among the highlights are…

20 février 2008 Non

DC Tease DC Universe: Zero

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[ENGLISH]  On April 30, after COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS has reached its amazing conclusion and before FINAL CRISIS begins, DC…

13 novembre 2007 Non

Preview : Wonder Woman #14

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[ENGLISH] DC tells us: An electrifying new era begins for the world’s greatest superheroine! Gail Simone (BIRDS OF PREY, SECRET…

6 novembre 2007 Non

Preview : Supergirl #23

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[ENGLISH] DC tells us: Supergirl #23 – written by Kelley Puckett; Art and Cover by Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder;…