[ENGLISH] Image says: All-ages graphic novel reveals the final fate of the forgotten Churamane! Shadowline’s all-ages Silverline book imprint expands this December with the story of the one species too lazy to get on Noah’s Arc, MISSING THE BOAT. « MISSING THE BOAT is a project I knew we had to publish based off the concept alone, » said Silverline Publisher Jim Valentino. « The idea of a species so lazy they doomed themselves to extinction really caught me, but Justin Shady’s [aka Wayne Chinsang »> story combined with Dwellephant’s innovative art style really brought the whole thing together. »

MISSING THE BOAT solves the riddle of what happened to the Churamane, a particularly lazy and not too terribly bright species that lived a long time ago and vanished without a trace. Intelligently written with wonderfully vibrant art, this story will delight adults as well as children and, if you’re not looking, may even teach a lesson or two.

MISSING THE BOAT (OCT082310), a 96-page hardcover graphic novel for $18.99, will be released December 17th, 2008. For more information, please see www.shadowlinecomics.com/silverline.