Point One Heralds Neal Adams’ Debut On New Avengers!

9 juin 2011 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: Marvel is pleased to announce that legendary Avengers artist Neal Adams joins Marvel Architect Brian Michael Bendis for a historic collaboration in New Avengers #16.1, a great starting point for new and old readers alike! Norman Osborn, the man who nearly destroyed the Avengers, is back! With the remnants of H.A.M.M.E.R back in action, led by the former Green Goblin, the New Avengers ready themselves for an explosive clash they won’t soon forget.

“Every single panel is so filled with life and vitality. The most diehard Neal Adams fans will be blown away because you are seeing things you have not seen from him before,” said Bendis in an interview with Marvel.com. “You will be begging for a Neal Adams Iron Fist book when you see this issue.”

Osborn has had plenty of time plotting his revenge on the New Avengers, and finally he’ll be able to unleash the full fury of his followers on the team! When the dust settles, Norman’s dark hand (and Dark Avengers?!) will be revealed! The next great New Avengers epic begins in a way only Bendis and Adams can deliver this September in New Avengers #16.1!

Pencils and Cover by NEAL ADAMS
Rated T+…$2.99