Now In Hardcover: Saga Of The Swamp Thing Book 1

29 janvier 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Now In Hardcover: Saga Of The Swamp Thing Book 1[ENGLISH] Vertigo Comics tells us: Before WATCHMEN, the most critically acclaimed graphic novel of all time, Alan Moore made his debut in the U.S. comic book industry with the revitalization of the horror comic book THE SWAMP THING. His deconstruction of the classic monster stretched the creative boundaries of the medium and became one of the most spectacular series in comic book history. This 44 issue run brought a thought provoking and groundbreaking maturity that established Moore’s reputation and helped pave the way for his later achievements such as WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA, THE KILLING JOKE, and THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN.
Now In Hardcover: Saga Of The Swamp Thing Book 1With modern day issues transposed onto the comic pages, SWAMP THING’s stories became commentaries on environmental, political and social issues, unflinching in their relevance. Now, for the first time, reprinted in hardcover, these stories are featured in SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING Book 1 (Vertigo | on sale February 11, 2009 | 208pg. | Color | Hardcover | $24.99 US | ISBN 9781401220822) collecting issues #20-27 of this seminal series including the never-before-reprinted SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #20 where Moore takes over as writer and concludes the previous storyline.
Book 1 begins with the story “The Anatomy Lesson,” where Moore and his collaborators Stephen Bissette and John Totleben, whose imaginative, genre-breaking artwork, set the gothic tone of the journey to come. By building on the character’s foundations in horror, this creative team delivers a haunting origin story that reshapes his mythology with terrifying revelations. When the creature that once believed he was scientist Alec Holland discovers his true nature, he realizes that he is something far less human than he previously believed. And with the resurrected DC villain the Floronic Man attacking the issues of pollution and consumption of natural resources, SWAMP THING’s journey is one of discovery and adventure that will eventually take him across the stars and beyond.