leftonmission_tp.jpg[ENGLISH] January 14th, Los Angeles, CA — Currently nominated for a Broken Frontier Award for best Mystery/Suspense comic, BOOM! Studios’ LEFT ON MISSION will be hitting shelves January 23rd, 2008 in trade paperback form. Other comics nominated alongside the critically acclaimed LEFT ON MISSION include Brubaker’s CRIMINAL, Rucka’s CHECKMATE, and Hickman’s THE NIGHTLY NEWS.

« I wasn’t surprised to see LEFT ON MISSION make the short list for our Broken Frontier Awards this year, regardless of the competition in the Mystery/Suspense category. Going up against stalwarts like Criminal and Checkmate and the fact that it was a mini-series goes to show just how strong a release this was. Chip Mosher’s definitely on the map because of it. » Said Frederik Hautain, proprietor of venerable comic news site BrokenFrontier.com.

Compiled by the entire Broken Frontier staff and « honoring the cream of the crop in the comics industry throughout 2007, » this will be the fourth year that Broken Frontier ( www.brokenfrontier.com) has given out their own awards. The winner will be announced on Thursday, January 17.

The Broken Frontier Award nomination caps a year of almost continuous critical praise for LEFT ON MISSION, which has included positive pronouncements from many different media outlets, including the following:

« …spy fiction at its best. » – Ain’t It Cool News (www.aintitcoolnews.com)

« …reminiscent of Le Carré or even Fleming… for a better espionage comics, one need look no further…  » – Double O Section (doubleosection.blogspot.com )

« Better than James Bond, makes Bourne almost boring… Without a doubt the best miniseries of 2007…  » – Comics And… (comicsand.blogspot.com )

Most recently, LEFT ON MISSION spent almost a month ranked in the « Top 20 Hottest Graphic Novels » on TFAW.com.

LEFT ON MISSION tells the story of agent Eric Westfall coming out of retirement to stop a rogue spy from auctioning a stolen hard-drive on the black market for $50 million. Westfall must track down the traitorous Emma, and eliminate her — despite the fact that the two were once lovers! The debut published work for writer/creator Chip Mosher, LEFT ON MISSION was drawn by fan-favorite Francesco Francavilla and colored by industry great Martin Thomas.

The LEFT ON MISSION trade paperback, collecting all five issues, will be available at comic shops around the country on January 23rd.

More information about the title is available at http://www.boom-studios.com/node/1380 .

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