John Romita Sr.’s The Death Defying ‘Devil #1 Amazing Chase Cover!

24 octobre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Dynamite tells us: Don’t miss your chance to catch one of the greatest heroes of the ages brought to life by one of comic books all time greats – « Jazzy » John Romita Sr., as Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce that The Death Defying ‘Devil #1, the new exciting spin-off series from one of 2008’s most powerful series, Project Superpowers, will feature an amazing chase cover by « Jazzy » John himself! Admired by generations of comic books fans and creators alike, John Romita Sr. is best known for his legendary work on Marvel Comics’ Daredevil and The Amazing Spider-Man from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. In the 1970’s he served as Marvel Comics’ art director, where he had a major role in defining the look of Marvel Comics and in designing new characters such as Punisher and Wolverine. In 2002 John Romita Sr. was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame. John Romita Sr’s cover for The Death Defying ‘Devil #1 continues Dynamite’s exciting presentation of Project Superpowers expanded universe chase covers by legendary talent; also available is the new Black Terror’series with chase covers by George Tuska and John Romita, Sr.

Overseen by Alex Ross, who continues to provide covers and plot/art direction for each Project Superpowers spin-off series, The Death Defying ‘Devil #1, spins out of the events from Project Superpowers Chapter One and bridges the gap before the debut of Project Superpowers Chapter Two as the mysterious ‘Devil is put on the case to track down the terrorist organization known as « The Claw ». Traveling with the equally mysterious Justine, the ‘Devil is shadowed by a new hero that very well may hold the answers to the ‘Devil’s strange existence and new clues to the nature of the Urn which imprisoned all of the heroes!

« We’re extremely excited that as Project Superpowers expands, so does our tradition of covers by legendary artists. Having Jazzy John on board for the The Death Defying ‘Devil is simply flawless in more one ways than one, » stated Dynamite’s Nick Barrucci. « And adding John Romita Sr. to a cover roster featuring names such as John Cassaday and Alex Ross will undoubted make The Death Defying �Devil the best dressed comic on the racks! »

THE DEATH-DEFYING ‘DEVIL #1 (OCT08 4007) Writer: Alex Ross and Joe Casey; Penciller: Edgar Salazar; Covers: Alex Ross (approximately 50%), John Cassaday (Approximately 50%), John Romita Sr w/ Alex Ross inking (1-in-15 chase cover), and Edgar Salazar (approximately 1-in-10 chase cover)

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