Free Helios comics available on Wowio

13 octobre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Press Release: Dakuwaka has entered into an agreement with Smashout Comics for digital publication of all 12 issues of Helios to be made available on , a library online. All books are free to download as PDF’s. WOWIO is able to offer comic books at no cost to the consumer by featuring paid, targeted advertisements in the material.  Dubbed “X-MEN MEETS 24” by, Helios is a 12 issue series blending superhero action with political intrigue and suspense. “I’m really excited to be able to make the Helios saga available to a whole new audience online. It also provides a way for fans to download issues that they may have missed”, explained Dakuwaka President Mike Penny. “We are happy to be working with Steve Horton and the Smashout Comics team to bring Helios to “

Helios summary:

The Neogenic Task Force (NTF), or Neo-Force, is a unit of the US military tasked with policing rogue neogenics — superhumans — the world over. When the goals of the ruthless Senator David Strickland turns the NTF into a political prize, can Colonel Jack Shiels and his team foil Strickland’s ambitions? And what will the consequences be for the world when a third secret faction takes a hand?

Here is a link to the site:…BookGroup=145A