Everybody loves « The Students of the Unusual » Comic Book Series

19 avril 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] The excitement keeps building and everyone seems to love the new issue of Students of the Unusual! Thanks to everyone for helping to spread the word on the little indie comic that could! We love getting fan mail too!(See below some nice comments). The inserted musical CD has been a real hit and has led other publishers to inquire on how they can do something similarly cool! (No names mentioned at this time!). We have enjoyed some of the reviews listed below and we were remarkably surprised to see the new issue going for so much on Ebay. Look for our outrageous entourage at the upcoming Florida Super Con and Heroes Con!

Recent Reviews

« 48 pages of comics and a CD for three bucks is a bargain even if you only like a couple of the songs. SOTU: always recommended. » Marc Mason-Comics Waiting Room

« If you’re into weird horror comics with a sense of humor and music that does more of the same, then you’re in for a treat. » MishMash Music reviews

« I’ve never read this comic before, but I picked it up on a lark. Even though it does have a gimmick – in this case, a free CD of its « unusual song » contest winners – this is an interesting comic with a lot of potential. »
Andrea Speed–Comixtreme.com

« I just bought the new issue and I have to say another job well done. I’ve been waiting for impatiently for this issue to be released. Everytime I flip through your book I am drawn into the world you guys have created,
I feel like a kid all over again. I was almost upset when I thought Pat would stay dead! Lol. Keep up the good work and I look forward to many more.

Noah O  »
« If you a horror comic geek as I myself am, or just a geek still as I am, stop and check out their merchandise or just check them out. My favorite is Recalcitrant Jones, maybe one day there’ll be a Karita Comic Book from the Students of the Unusual until then let your geek flag fly free.

M.KArita  »


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Prices on Ebay $5.74 -$9.98