Dracula Writes Back!

23 juin 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] All-ages graphic novel, DEAR DRACULA, released this September. Shadowline/Image gets the jump on Halloween with DEAR DRACULA, a square hardcover written by Joshua E. Williamson and illustrated by Vicente “Vinny” Navarrete, their first release under their new all-ages imprint, Silverline Books. “DEAR DRACULA is the charming story of Sam, a young boy who writes the King of Vampires a letter and is visited by him on Halloween night,” says Shadowline editor Kristen Simon. “In this warmly humorous tale that will appeal to young and old alike, Sam learns what it truly means to be a vampire…no cheese, no cake, no soda pop and other fun stuff!”

Shadowline President Jim Valentino added, “Vampires appeal to all age groups and this story is so engagingly written and wonderfully drawn that it has won over everyone who has seen it. We believe it will be the hit of the Halloween season for years to come!”

DEAR DRACULA (JUN082222), a 48-page square format (8’ x 8’) hardcover for $7.99, will be on sale September 10th.

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