Cult Sci-Fi Films Finds New Life In Comic Book Series

2 novembre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Bluewater Productions says: Based on the old Sci-fi Classic film « Missile To The Moon », This January Bluewater Productions updates this classic in conjunction with Legend Films. Written by Jason Schultz and Darren G. Davis and penciled by John Polacek. The film and comic series is described as, Lunar She-Devils lure Earthmen into their lair of doom! This is the one, the remake of the century, based on the legendary sci-fi thriller, « Cat-Women of the Moon. » On the first expedition to the moon, a race of sexy moon maidens living in a hidden lunar world capture astronauts for their « pleasure. » SEE the return of the giant hairy spider puppet as it lusts after female victims! SEE terrifying rock creature’s attack! SEE the unbelievable Atomic Rocketship make the fantastic journey through meteor-infested space lanes! SEE the « not-so-special » special effects in this cosmic entertainment catastrophe! Bizarre, fascinating, surreal and greatly entertaining, « Missile to the Moon » must be seen to be believed!

“This has been a labor of love since its conception more than a year ago, its going to be camp-tastic!”, said writer Jason Schultz.  “You have hot scantily clad alien women, rock creatures and rockets – what else could you ask for in a comic”
“Working on this book has been a blast. From space monsters and gun fights, to alien babes and rocket ships, its definitely packed with a lot of fun stuff to draw”, said John Polacek.

« We are excited to be working with Bluewater Productions on the comic series, » stated Legend Films President Barry B. Sandrew. « We have seen what they have done with the Ray Harryhausen brand and can’t wait to see what they do with some of our films. »

Diamond Comics has made “Missile to the Moon” a featured item this month and the order number in Diamond Previews is NOV083850 F.  Attached are unlettered images from the series.