Bluewater Productions Picks Up Pistolfist

13 février 2008 Non Par Comic Box

pistolfistsm.jpg[ENGLISH] Bluewater Productions adds PISTOLFIST — the saga of a masked, runaway slave who becomes an American Revolutionary War legend. Starting this July, the series launches just in time for Independence Day. Originally scheduled to be released through Alias last year, Bluewater will publish the series which asks the question: How precious is your freedom? Would you fight for it? Would you dare to die for it? Set amidst the American Revolution, this critically-acclaimed series follows the saga of a mysterious, masked runaway slave whose destiny is helplessly entwined with that of a famous, yet frail, Benjamin Franklin. Inspired by true characters and events, you’ll soon discover why fans and fellow creators alike have chosen to « rev it up! »

Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis said, « I remember seeing this issue floating around Alias and I loved the concept as well as the art. It is one of the most polished books I have seen come across my desk. J.S. Earls and his creative team are the perfect fit for Bluewater. We are not really looking to pick up books, but when one comes to me that I am excited about – how can you turn it down?! » Davis continues « We are still staying at around 5 titles a month. We do not want to compete with ourselves in the marketplace. »

J.S. Earls — creator of the series — said, « To say I’m excited about bringing Pistolfist to Bluewater would definitely be an understatement. They’re as passionate about and as committed to their creations as I am about mine. We definitely share certain standards of quality – not just with the usual stuff, but logos and everything. Those details are things which help keep you a notch above your competition…and that you can be proud of. Several publishers have expressed an interest in Pistolfist, but none of them were as honest or as focused as Bluewater Productions ».

J.S. Earls went on, « Since this is an election year in the US, when people evaluate what’s truly important to them, I think Pistolfist’s core theme of ‘freedom’ really seems to resonate. Regardless of your political persuasion, it’s that freedom to think and express and choose that many hold so dear. We take it for granted, but – when you think about it – it’s at the heart of us all ».

PISTOLFIST makes it mark at Bluewater in July of 2008 and will be monthly.