Zombies and Dog Catchers Debut in HumpDay

10 juin 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Orlando, FL, June 10, 2008 – Being a “dog-catcher” doesn’t mean catching cute puppies. It’s more like hunting the undead, as readers of the upcoming book HumpDay, created by Adam Beuchler, will find out. Buechler has partnered with Brain Scan Studios to create a mini-series of the comic in e-book format. The initial concept of Hump Day was born in 2005 over a span of nine days of creative thinking and talented artistry. The series is a humorous take on Zombie mythology.

The main characters are Ed and Jake who are “dog-catchers” that have been specifically trained to go into tourist areas (like Paris, France) and destroy the hordes of undead tourists and vacationers who died while overseas. One thing, in accordance with certain laws and guidelines, dog-catchers are only permitted to destroy their particular homeland’s undead (ie: American soldiers can only kill American Zombie tourists). With extreme emphasis on being politically correct, tempers easily flair between governments. For Ed and Jake this could mean the end!

The intriguing story line may bring to mind a horror comic, but this mini-series interestingly portrays a light- hearted look at Zombies and blue-collar living as these two underachievers (Ed and Jake) drudge their way through Paris, slacking off while still trying to meet their Zombie quotas. And at the same time staying in touch with reality by discussing the mundane aspects of getting by from day to day in the world.

Beuchler’s artistic style has matured since the initial release of the comic series, but has remained true to his original artwork. The mini-series will soon be available to comic lovers the world over, details can be found at: www.tendart.org.

Adam Buechler is the writer/artist/creator of the mini-series and HumpDay is the first of his works. Brain Scan Studios is an alternative media company based out of Orlando, FL that publishes a variety of blogs and creator-owned comics. www.brainscanstudios.com.