[ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: The all-new Marvel Noir line of books begins in December with X Men Noir #1 and Spider-Man Noir #1, but now’s your chance to get behind the scenes with the latest Mighty Marvel Podcast! Fan favorite podcast host & Marvel Senior Art Director Jeff Suter interviews the X Men Noir creative team of writer Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules), artist Denis Calero and Editor Nate Cosby who dish all the dirt on the new series. Who’s a hero? Who’s a villain? And just who or what are the X Men? Check out the podcast right here: http://www.marvel.com/rss/podcasts/Xmen_Noir.mp3

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Don’t dare miss X Men Noir #1 in December or this special Mighty Marvel Podcast, taking True Believers behind the scenes of this landmark series! Click on http://www.marvel.com/rss/podcasts/Xmen_Noir.mp3 now!

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