William Katt presents Sparks #3 Hits Stores Wednesday!

12 août 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Catastrophic Comics says: *_You Can’t Hang a Man Who Was Born To Die: Catastrophic Comics’ /Sparks #3 /Hits Stores This Week!_* Death proves just another black-out for Ian Sparks, as a mysterious stranger interferes with his suicide attempt. The man called Archer has answers for Sparks, as the would-be vigilante discovers the truth is bigger than he knew. Surrounded by powers, but ignorant of his own, Sparks has to make a choice between truth and justice in */Sparks #3 (of 6)/*!

Series writer Chris Folino continues his dark journey into the mind of a man discovering the price of heroism is more than he wants to pay. The talented JM Ringuet illustrates this descent in a gritty but darkly vibrant style. It all adds up to a book that critics agree YOU should be reading!

“This is not your normal superhero comic…”
– Richard Vasseur, JazmaOnline.com

*“SPARKS* has the potential to be one of the best reads of the year.”
– Brian Domingos, PopImage.com

“I can’t think of anything that I genuinely enjoyed this much from the
get go…”

— Lee Newman, BrokenFrontier.com
/Sparks #3 / arrives in comics shops on Wednesday, August 13!

Retailers, you can order issue #5 from the Diamond Previews Plus supplement, as a printing error left it out of the regular Previews catalog. Catastrophic Comics remains committed to delivering quality books on a regular schedule.

*JUN088056 F SPARKS #5 (OF 6) (MR) (PP #829)

_About Catastrophic Comics:_ Based in the San Fernando Valley,
Catastrophic Comics was founded by actor William Katt and
writer/director Chris Folino. The company launched its first title,
/Sparks/, in June of 2008. In November of 2008 the company will team
with Arcana Studios to revive /The Greatest American Hero/ in comic book
and animated form. They plan to release their third title, /Mythology
Wars/, co-written by Katt and Folino, in early 2009. Any inquiries can
be sent to editor@fanboyplanet.com.