trinity1.jpg[ENGLISH] Trinity, the new weekly series that reunites the Thunderbolts creative team of writer Kurt Busiek and penciller Mark Bagley, is set to make its explosive debut in June with an extra-sized 40-page issue at the regular series price of $2.99! Busiek, Bagley and inker Art Thibert write and illustrate the lead stories for this series, which begins by exploring the unusual bond — and importance — of DC’s top three characters, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as a mysterious dream links them together and may prophesy important changes in their trinity!

Busiek is joined on TRINITY’s second features by cowriter Fabian Nicieza. The second feature in issue #1, illustrated by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens, looks at the mysterious connection between the villains who are watching the Trinity — as well as the future for these characters and the world!

Second features in issues #2-4 star some of the other important players in this epic storyline, with art by Tom Derenick & Wayne Faucher (on issue #2’s second feature), Mike Norton & Jerry Ordway (on issue #3), and the teams of McDaniel & Owens and Norton & Ordway (on issue #4).

TRINITY issues #1-4 are solicited in the April Previews, and are scheduled to arrive in stores in June with cover prices of $2.99 U.S. each.