The End Of The Red Hulk?

14 décembre 2010 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Marvel tells us: The Red Hulk’s faced the greatest threats in the Marvel Universe—so just why is the all-new General Fortean the most dangerous? Discover the answer in Hulk 30.1, from the acclaimed team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman, as an all-new era for the Red Hulk begins with a SMASH, perfect for readers new and old alike. General Ross has gone from hunter to hunted and Fortean, equipped with the military’s most advanced hardware, will not rest until Red Hulk is taken down. Prepare for an explosive gamma-infused showdown between Ross and his most challenging nemesis yet!

“With the arrival of General Fortean, the cycle of the great hunt begins again in Hulk. But having been the hunter before, the Red Hulk will do things differently. And having watched his commander- Ross- all those years, so will Fortean” explains writer Jeff Parker. “It’s classic Hulk big action that breaks new ground- breaks it to pieces, really.”

“Fortean is more dangerous to Red Hulk than an adversary that matches him in strength alone. Fortean can think like Ross,” added artist Gabriel Hardman. “As an artist, knowing how a character thinks is the key to drawing them. So when these characters meet, I’ll be drawing a lot of well thought out smashing.”

With the tables turned, who will become the most dangerous game? Fortean is only the first of many new terrifying villains who have their sights set on the Red Hulk! Be there when these two titans square off in Hulk #30.1!

HULK #30.1
Written by JEFF PARKER
Rated T+ …$2.99