Spectacular Spider-Man: Group Therapy For The Symbiote!

4 juin 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] For those watching closely over the past two episodes, the symbiote-induced black suit worn by « The Spectacular Spider-Man » has already undergone some evolutionary changes – and there are more coming in « Intervention, » an all-new episode of « The Spectacular Spider-Man » premiering this Saturday, June 7 at 10:00 a.m. ET/PT on CW4Kids. The black suit, the result of an alien symbiote attaching itself to Peter Parker/Spider-Man, first appeared in the episode entitled « Persona. » For that episode, the suit fairly replicated Spider-Man’s red/blue suit into a black version with its classic web pattern, along with a spider emblem on his back in black with a white outline.

In the next episode, « Group Therapy, » the chest emblem increased in size and changed slightly in shape – much like the comics black spider shape. In addition, the emblem on his back had a slight change in shape and was now all-white, and the classic Spider-Man suit web pattern began coming apart with the webs starting to unravel. In « Intervention, » the black suit has fully evolved into the comics version of the black Spider-Man costume.

Producer/Supervising Director Victor Cook explained the reason for the evolution of the black suit from episode to episode. »The symbiote’s control over Peter isn’t sudden, it progresses – and we wanted to show that aspect visually as well by having the black suit progress from classic web pattern to non webs, » Cook said. « As the web unravels, so does Peter’s control. Also, it was fun to for us to homage both the movie and comics versions of the black Spidey suit. »