sinbad.jpg[ENGLISH] Zenescope Entertainment, the company known for putting new and interesting twists on well-known stories such as with popular titles GRIMM FAIRY TALES and RETURN TO WONDERLAND, is doing it yet again with a new upcoming fantasy/adventure series entitled 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS: THE ADVENTURES OF SINBAD. The series will follow the legendary sailor, Sinbad, who has been unjustly accused of murder and exiled from his home city. After putting together a very eclectic but extremely capable crew Sinbad sets on his quest to find the one artifact that can actually clear his name. But he must first encounter numerous enemies ranging from armies of bloodthirsty men to terrifying blood-curdling creatures in order to find the object he ultimately must have.

“This is a classic hero we felt could really benefit from a cool and edgy makeover” said series co-creator and Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco.” We wanted to re-imagine this character by adding a certain type of charisma, sort of James Bond meets Captain Jack Sparrow in the embodiment of a pro wrestler. Then put him in this awesome backdrop full of gorgeous women, dragons, monsters, creatures…and did I mention gorgeous women?”

The ongoing series is scheduled for a May ’08 release with a preview issue available in April. Dan Wickline (/30 Days of Night, Blood-Stained Sword) is writing; Eric Basadula, Talent Caldwelland and Al Rio are a few names providing cover artwork for the series. Comic Collector