[ENGLISH] Street Fighter(R) is back! After a nearly two-year absence from monthly comics, UDON is bringing Capcom(R)’s Street Fighter video game franchise back to the four-color page. The new Street Fighter comics begin this August with Street Fighter(R) Remix #0, a one-shot prelude issue featuring three all-new stories, each of which leads into a new UDON comic book series. The first of these stories is Street Fighter(R) II Turbo, with art by the ultra-dynamic Jeffrey « Chamba » Cruz (Sinbad: Rogue of Mars). Continuing UDON’s core Street Fighter storyline begun in the studio’s previous Street Fighter and Street Fighter II comics, Turbo brings the world’s fiercest fighters together for what might be the most important tournament of their lives. And with M. Bison running the show, you know the stakes will be high!

Next up, UDON makes its first venture into the world of Street Fighter(R) III in a story drawn by Joe Ng (Transformers, Red Sonja). Featuring a whole new cast of characters including burly pro-wrestler Alex, the towering giant Hugo, and sexy she-ninja Ibuki, Street Fighter III fast-forwards to several years after the Street Fighter tournament. Plus, alongside the original Street Fighter III cast, you’ll also find out what some classic Street Fighter characters are up to in this new Street Fighter era.

The final Remix story is a lead-in to the 4-issue Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li mini-series, focusing on the early exploits of Street Fighter’s loveliest female fighter. Long time UDON artist Omar Dogan (Street Fighter Legends: Sakura, Robotech) brings to life the adventures of a young Chun-Li, freshly recruited into the ranks of Interpol. The series will reveal for the first time the tragic events that sent Chun-Li on a collision course with the evil Shadaloo organization, as well as fill in the histories of several other important Street Fighter characters.

Between the upcoming live-action Street Fighter(TM): Legend of Chun-Li film and the new Street Fighter(R) IV and Super Street Fighter(R) II Turbo HD Remix video games, this fan-favorite fighting game property has never been hotter. Street Fighter’s 20th anniversary begins with the comics, as Street Fighter Remix #0 arrives at comic shops everywhere August 27, 2008.


Release Date: August 27, 2008 32pp Full Colour $3.95 US Diamond #: JUN084287

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