Potter’s Field: Stone Cold Comes Out This March

22 janvier 2009 Non Par Comic Box

Potter's Field: Stone Cold Comes Out This March[ENGLISH] Boom! Studios tells us – Shipping this March, Mark Waid (52, KINGDOM COME) and Paul Azaceta (DAREDEVIL, B.P.R.D, THE REMNANT) return to their smash hit crime series POTTER’S FIELD with the special one-shot: POTTER’S FIELD: STONE COLD! To celebrate this direct market event, BOOM! Studios will be launching MARKWAID.COM this Wednesday with the complete first issue of the original POTTER’S FIELD mini-series.

pottersfieldstonecold_01_1Premiering with a three-issue mini-series last winter, POTTER’S FIELD follows the detective known only as John Doe as he pins identities to New York’s anonymous dead. In POTTER’S FIELD: STONE COLD, John Doe unearths a conspiracy that leads all the way back to the horrors of September 11th, and it is up to him to stop it.

« I’m excited to return to this character, » said series writer and BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid. « I’m genuinely fascinated by the concept of a nameless avenger going out of his way to help everyone but himself, embarking on what seems to be a totally impossible mission. I created John Doe with a simple idea in mind, but the storytelling potential keeps me up at night. POTTER’S FIELD: STONE COLD gives me a chance to explore real-world crime drama. »

Giving names back to the dead, John Doe calls upon the New York City’s greatest natural resource, its people, to solve the mysteries others didn’t care to solve or couldn’t.

« What better way to launch MARKWAID.COM than with POTTER’S FIELD? The book was a huge fan favorite last year, » said BOOM! Studios marketing and sales director Chip Mosher. « People at conventions and online kept asking when Mark would do more with this series, and here’s their answer! For those that haven’t gotten on board yet, the first issue of the original mini is now available at MARKWAID.COM for free! »

pottersfield_stonecold_02POTTER’S FIELD: STONE COLD features cover and interior art by Paul Azaceta, Diamond Order Code: JAN094061.

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