New Toys Straight Off The Pages Of Devil’s Due

21 février 2008 Non Par Comic Box

dirgefigurepr.jpg[ENGLISH] Chicago, IL. (Feb. 21, 2008) – This March, comic book icons bounce out of the pages of Devil’s Due and into a new line of action packed life accessories called DEVIL’S DUE POP. Beginning with a package of classically retro Golden Age Sheena: Queen of the Jungle stickers, DEVIL’S DUE POP will include an array vinyl toys, personal journals, and usable artwork based on the properties that have made Devil’s Due Publishing one of the ten largest comic book publishers in the U.S.

halloween_journal.jpgDEVIL’S DUE POP expands in April with a Halloween journal covered with artwork from the Masters of Comic Book horror, such as Bill Siekiewicz and Sean Phillips, who are covering Devil’s Due’s current Michael Myers miniseries Halloween: Nightdance. May will see the release of an original plush Geeky Ninja straight from the Ninjatown line by Shawnimals. Then, in June, DEVIL’S DUE POP will release its first vinyl figure based on Dirge from James Farr’s Xombie: Reanimated.

Still to come will be an original transforming vinyl toy from creator Jeffrey Brown, based on his Top Shelf comic The Incredible Change-Bots. First out will be Brown’s robot Balls, who transforms between his battle-ready robot guise into an unsuspecting golf cart.

sheenastickers.jpgDEVIL’S DUE POP brings the company’s mission to proliferate ComicCulture to new places and spaces, with plenty of vinyl toys and functional art product lines on their way in 2008.

Products shown are not final and are subject to licensor approval.

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About Devil’s Due Publishing:
After exploding on the comic book scene by igniting the « 80s retro
revival » in the industry, Devil’s Due quickly became one of the largest
and most popular comic book publishers in the United States. Today DDP’s
lineup is a diverse mix of original properties and licensed books
including Drafted, Lost Squad, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, G.I. Joe,
Storm Shadow, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, DemonWars, Voltron, The Nye
Incidents, and the cult-favorite Hack/Slash, which is currently in
pre-production as a feature film for Rogue Pictures.

Devil’s Due: reminding everyone that « Pop culture IS our culture ». For
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