meathauscover.jpg[ENGLISH) We’re proud to announce the publication of Nerdcore’s very first book, a massive tome entitled Meathaus: S.O.S. – In just a few words, it’s AWESOME! In a few more… Meathaus certainly didn’t invent the whole idea of a comics anthology, but it’s the kind of book that’ll make you think otherwise. An uber-team of creators gives it their all in S.O.S., spilling passion/sentiment/rage onto the page. They’re stories are beautiful and brutal, bizarre and brazen, as told by guys like James Jean, Farel Dalrymple, Brandon Graham, Tomer and Asaf Hanuka, Thomas Herpich, Jim meathaus-sos-big1.jpgRugg, Corey Lewis, Matt Furie, D-pi, Ross Campbell, Sheldon Vella, and Dave Kiersh. Editors Brandon Graham and Chris McD consulted their « favorites » list and brought in a whole new cross-section of the comics scene. The resulting mash-up of artists, action, styles and energy makes Meathaus: S.O.S. an essential read for indie comics lovers and beyond.

It’s 272 pages by gods of illustration!

Only 25 bucks!!! (for now)

We’re offering a PRE-ORDER BONUS to anyone who buys a copy of the book before March 15. You’ll not only the cover price, but also get $5 off and three (3) postcard prints featuring art by famed Meathaus artists. They’ll look awesome in a frame!

Tell everyone to PRE-ORDER NOW before it’s too late!