Milo « Heroes » Ventimiglia+Top Cow=Berserker !

4 août 2008 Non Par Comic Box

berserker[ENGLISH] Top Cow Production tells us : “Berserker is about people discovering they have superhuman ancient Norse powers as they’re pulled into an underground war that’s been raging for a thousand years,” explained Loverd. But the writer pointed out there are bigger themes. The Cow will partner with Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff of DiVide Pictures to publish Berserker, a new comic book series created by Rick Loverd. “It’s about people dealing with all the curves the world throws, accepting yourself,” he said. “It’s about not feeling helpless in the face of new challenges and, when someone builds a wall in front of you, smashing right through it with your bare hands. And, of course, it’s about bone-popping bloodlust, spine-crushing action, and saving the world from total destruction!”

Since Ventimiglia and Cundiff are also developing the comic book series Rest with Devil’s Due Publishing, when they saw Berserker, they recognized right away its potential for the four-color medium.

“We just wanted to see the story come to life,” declared Ventimiglia, star of the hit NBC series “Heroes,” whose third season starts in September. “Loverd’s script was actually a television pilot and our first comment was, ‘Wow! This is way too edgy for TV,’ so we thought, ‘What better medium than comics?’”

Loverd is thrilled Berserker is moving forward. “I think the best thing a young writer could possibly do is work with a company like DiVide,” he expressed. “They’re all about helping you realize your creative vision. They’re young, they’re smart, and they’re hungry. They know what it means to put out a great book and they won’t be satisfied with anything less.”

For their part, DiVide Pictures needed to find the right publisher to work with for Berserker. Since they were already working with Devil’s Due on Rest, they sought out Top Cow.

“Top Cow is a company that is known for good art and great stories and to be partnered with them on Berserker seemed like the right fit,” said Cundiff, who noted they plan to develop the property into something more, perhaps a film.

“We want to see people wearing Berserker T-shirts, maybe carrying lunchboxes,” smiled Cundiff. “Until then, we are looking to make a kick-ass book.”

“Berserker is one of those unique properties, which on the surface may seem familiar but quickly takes you on a series of unexpected twists and turns, and grabbed our attention right away,” described Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik. “Rick Loverd’s world of dark, intense violence paired with rich characters grounded in the real world fits perfectly with Top Cow. And of course, we’re thrilled to have Milo and Russ at DiVide Pictures as partners on this property as they bring an endless amount of enthusiasm and ideas to the table.”

The Berserker comic book is currently in development and will debut in 2009.