amazingspider-man552variantcover.jpg[ENGLISH] Spider-Man’s been put through the ringer by Menace, named public enemy #1 by the DB, but now it’s time for another new villain to stick it to ol’ webhead—his name is Freak! Amazing Spider-Man #552, from Oscar-nominated writer Bob Gale (Back To The Future) and superstar artist Phil Jimenez (New X-Men), kicks off a brand new arc of the thrice monthly Spider-Man series that has everyone’s Spider Senses tingling! A petty theft from at a local soup kitchen quickly turns into something deadlier than Spidey could ever imagine—and he’s about to face the results! Meanwhile, the DB’s new Editor-In-Chief launches an all-out smear campaign against the Wall-Crawler—and it may just work! Plus, the mayoral race heats up and Harry’s caught up in it!


amazingspider-man552cover.jpgAs Brand New Day continues, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on all issues of Amazing Spider-Man, as the series continues to garner acclaim from all corners! Just what is the shocking origin of Freak? And can Spider-Man prove he’s not a murderer? Tune into Amazing Spider-Man #552 for answers, True Believer!




Written by BOB GALE

Pencils & Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ

Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV

Rated A …$2.99

FOC—2/14/08, On-Sale—3/5/08