gnome_cover_front_med.jpg[ENGLISH] After two years publishing comic books in the direct market, independent publisher Super Real Graphics looks to build a new line of quality original graphic novels, showcasing talented creator-owned offerings, and featuring diverse concepts and content, all under the banner, Super Real Graphics Presents. The new line looks to utilize a format friendly to readers and retailers alike, that keeps them affordably priced, just above a single issue comic, but well below that of trade paperbacks, allowing readers to better sample the books, and retailers to better stock them. The first title from the line
will be the April releasing, Super Real Graphics Presents: GNOME.

About Gnome:

Gnome is a tale that promises to enchant fans of all ages, from creator Dave
Dwonch (Special Education), and cover artist Super Ugly.

Gnomes are real! Believed to be simple yard decorations, these “Garden
Gnomes” once roamed the Earth as its greatest protectors. Long ago a curse
was placed upon them, petrifying them until the day they were needed to
protect the Earth once more. In 1956 the world was in peril… and one lonely
gnome answered the call.

Publisher Jason Martin on Gnome, and Super Real Graphics Presents, « Gnome is
an all ages book, with smart concepts, scripting, and design, that can
appeal to young, old, male or female, a well rounded tale, that will win
over many hearts, and is a perfect example of what Super Real Graphics new
line of original self-contained books is about! I’m truly ecstatic to offer
Gnome, and future works in this new reader and retailer friendly format, and
sincerely hope that Super Real Graphics Presents can grow into a brand that
both can trust. Gnome is a huge step in that direction! »

With more Super Real Graphics Presents offerings planned, the publisher
looks to build a solid name in the market, with unique and rewarding stories
any fan of the medium can enjoy. Watch for future SRG Presents OGN releases,
and be sure and check out Gnome, now available via Diamond Comic

You can read the first 9 full pages of Gnome now, at it’s website:

Super Real Graphics Presents: GNOME
64 pages, digest sized (6×9), Full Color, $6.99

About Super Real Graphics:

Super Real Graphics began publishing with creator/publisher Jason Martin’s
Super Real, which has seen five issues in print, and received great critical
response, over the past two years of release. Super Real is the story of
five reality show participants who each sign million dollar contracts to
become genetically enhanced, in a mash-up of comic book super heroes and
reality television, all told in a loose vibrant style. The ongoing series
has featured variant covers and guest artwork from some of the industry’s
brightest indie talent, including Josh Howard (Dead@17), Jim Mahfood (Grrl
Scouts), and many more. Super Real is set to return to publication later
this year, along with future volumes of Super Real Graphics Presents, and
another big project in development.

All of which can be found at the publisher’s website: