[ENGLISH] Vertigo tells us: Introducing Greatest Hits, Vertigo’s first superhero team comic book since Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles. How would superheroes behave if they really existed? Well, they’d be like rock stars. GREATEST HITS, a six-issue Vertigo miniseries written by David Tischman (Bite Club) with art by Glenn Fabry (Preacher, Neverwhere) [September 2008 / Color / $2.99] follows one of the best known superhero teams of the 20th century, the Mates. It’s all here: their rise to fame in the U.K., their struggles in the U.S.A. and, inevitably, their demise.  

Readers will recognize the Mates as iconic archetypes of both superhero teams and rock bands. According to Tischman, “You are always going to have the really cute one. You are going to have the quiet one. You are going to have the spiritual one and you are going to have the goofy one. That’s the case from every group from Justice League to ‘N Sync.”

The GREATEST HITS roll call:

Crusader: an ordinary man with superhuman strength and abilities; he’s the moral compass of the team.

The Solicitor: a detective and master of tactics with an unfailing sense of right and wrong, meets his soul mate, Soul, a socially-active African-American female hero.

Golem: a behemoth of human clay due too a freak radiation accident, he’s forced by his wife to quit the team in 1964.

Vizier: Golem’s younger brother, a Celtic priest who uses Druid magic.

Zipper: Golem’s young, goofy and impressionable replacement. He has the ability to run at near-sonic speeds and eventually becomes addicted to drugs.

A group of documentarians chart the Mates’ career: from the mine cave-in in Graveaux, France in 1964, to their intervention in Newark’s civic riots, and the infamous battle in a Las Vegas casino in 1973.

The Crew:

Archie Sugg: BBC reporter who follows The Mates every move at the expense of his personal life.

Nick Mansfield: Documentary writer/director, whose famous film Kiss Me, came out 8 years ago; finds out some interesting information about his relation to The Mates.

Ethel Rothstein: Hollywood producer who convinces Nick to take on Greatest Hits and resurrect his career.

Find out the inside story in GREATEST HITS this fall.