Infinite Vacation #1 Sells Out, Second Printing Scheduled

21 janvier 2011 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Image Comics tells us:  Berkeley, CA – January 20, 2011 – Image Comics is pleased to announce yet another sell-out first issue today. A second printing of Nick Spencer and Christian Ward’s Shadowline title, THE INFINITE VACATION #1, has been scheduled to satisfy the demand of readers who missed out on Spencer’s latest hit.

« It’s so great to get all this support from the fans right from the start! » exclaimed Nick Spencer, writer, « I also feel very lucky to have Christian Ward working with me as a co-creator on this project. THE INFINITE VACATION is simultaneously the story of an everyman but also vibrant and surreal — like a visual representation of the subconscious in a technologically-driven world. Christian’s art just hits the mark exactly, and it’s clear that the fans feel the same way! »

Spencer’s other titles with Image/Shadowline include EXISTENCE 2.0, EXISTENCE 3.0, SHUDDERTOWN, FORGETLESS, and he is also currently writing the runaway hit MORNING GLORIES. Christian Ward’s colorful and psychedelic art style filled the pages of another Image comic, OLYMPUS.

« MORNING GLORIES, 27, and now THE INFINITE VACATION. I’m overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the support both fans and retailers have shown to Shadowline and Image, » said Jim Valentino, Publisher of Image’s Shadowline studio.

THE INFINITE VACATION is a high concept science fiction love story taking place in a parallel reality, where an app that allows the user to answer the age-old question of « what if » has changed everyone’s lives forever. The first issue has not only received outstanding fan reaction, but also glowing reviews. Comic Book Resources called it « as smart and engaging a comic as you could hope for. »

THE INFINITE VACATION #1 Second Printing (DEC108124), a 32-page full-color comic book for only $3.50, will be in stores February 16, 2011.