In the Land of Retinal Delights: the Juxtapoz Factor

2 juin 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Summer is on its way. And there are great art events and happenings for lovers of art and culture. Check it out. « In the Land of Retinal Delights: the Juxtapoz Factor » : Exhibit Opens June 22 : Over 150 artists will be featured at the Laguna Arts Museum this June in celebration of the lowbrow, pop-surrealistic art movements and the « Juxtapoz factor. » Mark Murphy has been chosen to design all of the marketing materials and the exhibition catalogue published by the Laguna Arts Museum and Ginko Press. An amazing line up of artists will be featured, including: Mark Ryden, Takashi Murakami, Joel Peter Witkin, Robert Williams and many more. Stay tuned or visit for more information.

ComicCon 2008 in San Diego : 07/24 – 07/28 : Booth No. 4833
Jeff Soto and Murphy Art Books will be exhibiting new books, zines and artist collectibles at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and convention. New books will be available and Jeff Soto will be on hand to sign his new book, released at the event, « Storm Clouds, » featuring 148 pages. Also, there will be a art exhibition held in San Diego entitled, « SuperHero, » featuring Jeff Soto, Luke Chueh, Lola, Joel Nakamura, Anthony Lister, Christopher Ryniak, Marco Wagner and many more. Stay tuned.

Jeff Soto : « Storm Clouds » : July Release
« Storm Clouds » by Jeff Soto is completed and currently on press. Jeff’s new book will be released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Convention July 24 through July 28. Jeff’s new hard-bound edition features Jeff’s paintings from his shows: « Supernova, » « Cold Ice Age, » « Storm Clouds » and everything else in between. Look out for Jeff at the Riverside Art Museum (RAM) this December,
a new collection of paintings on exhibit.

Ray Caesar Update : August Release :
August 2008 is the shipping date for the premier Ray Caesar art collection. Thanks to all of you for your patient understanding. The new Ray Caesar book will feature 168 full color pages, limited edition shelf cards, high-quality printing and priority shipping to your door. Ray Caesar’s new fine art exhibition will be on display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York, Saturday June 28 through
July 26. If you are interested in collecting Ray’s work please email

Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters : « Ghosts and Martyrs » : July Release :
Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters has teamed up to create an all in one doubled up book. Kathie Olivas features a impressive painting collection of her « Misery Children » characters, concept sketches, sculpts and customs. Flip the book over and find Brandt Peters and his whimsical collection of drawings, character developments, toys, sculpts and paintings. Both sides of the
book combine to deliver 230 full color pages of self-published works and a massive collection of collaborative works shared between this husband and wife duo. The book will be on hand at
Comic-Con in San Diego this July.

Society of Illustrators Los Angeles : « No. 45 Exhibition » : July Release :
Over 220 pages of award winning illustration and the talents of Bob Dob, Greg « Craola » Simkins, Esther Pearl Watson, Bob Dob, Nate Williams and hundreds of other inspired artists will be featured. The cover will feature the artistry of James Jean and featured content will include exposes about the late Phil Hays and Southern California art connoisseur Billy Shire. This collection is solid and will be offered at Comic-Con.

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