IDW releases Finding Peace Graphic Novel

20 mai 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] On May 21, 2008, IDW Publishing and Charlie Foxtrot Entertainment ( will release their second co-published venture, the original graphic war novel Finding Peace. The book, which includes an introductory essay by New York Times best-selling author and military historian William R. Forstchen, has already received tremendous advance praise, such as the comments from reviewer Dave Baxter, who says of the new ogn, “If you’ve ever admired Maus or Persepolis or Pride of Baghdad, Finding Peace is the next step, a superior work that admirably finds its place next to these, and arguably surpasses them page for page.”

Written by Tom Waltz (Children of the Grave), with art and cover by Nathan St. John, Finding Peace contains three stories, each unique and yet all connected by a single, tragic thread — the desperate search for peace in times of both declared and undeclared war.

Set in an unnamed country ravaged by civil war, the three stories are presented in reverse chronological order, showing where things are before finally depicting where things have been. The reader will ultimately decide if the situation has improved, or whether the dangers and tragedies of civil war only wear a different mask during times of peacekeeping — a new disguise that simply hides the same, deadly monster underneath.

“Finding Peace is the end result of nearly three years of work for Nathan and me,” explains writer Tom Waltz, who was formerly a Marine, Desert Storm vet and National Guard Military Policeman prior to his comic book career. “From a chance meeting at the 2006 Phoenix Comic-con, to a prestige graphic novel we are both very proud of, to say it’s been a fantastic journey would be a gross understatement. I know, for me, it’s been an enjoyable creative partnership from the start, and to have our stories turn out as beautifully as they have is really the icing to top it all off. I’m excited for readers to see Finding Peace, and I hope our message resonates with them as much as it does with us. These are real stories about real people in real situations, and we like to think there is something for everyone to relate within its pages.”

136 pages, duo-tone, $14.99, DIAMOND ORDER CODE: MAR083806

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