Hellblazer Celebrates The Holidays With Issue #250

3 décembre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Vertigo tells us: This December marks a historic moment for Vertigo as its flagship title HELLBLAZER reaches issue #250—the first ever Vertigo title to do so. Vertigo has assembled some of the most celebrated creators in the industry, (including the co-creator of Watchmen, the co-creator of From Hell, and Hellblazer’s first ongoing writer), to ring in this milestone issue with five unique stories set in London during the holidays. If the idea of a holiday issue of Hellblazer strikes you as irreverent and a little perverse, well, that’s exactly why it works so well. Here, the holiday season of everyone’s favorite chain smoking, magical con-man, John Constantine, is disrupted by the darkest depths of humanity and the supernatural. HELLBLAZER #250 (Vertigo/ December 17, 2008 / color / 48 pgs / $3.99) is a celebration of a classic series for longtime readers—and a great entry point for new readers.


Dave Gibbons is best-known for the iconic look of the best-selling Watchmen— one of Time Magazine’s 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present. Gibbons’ story “Happy Fucking New Year” takes Constantine from a museum theft to a human sacrifice.

China Mieville has written stories for McSweeney’s and Hellboy; he is the author of 5 novels. His story “Ash” explores the real angels of Christmas.

Peter Milligan, author of Shade, the Changing Man and X-Statix will be taking over as the ongoing Hellblazer series writer with the next issue. His story in issue #250, “The Curse of Christmas”, follows a ghost trying to unravel the mystery of what killed him.

Brian Azzarello, acclaimed Chicago author of 100 Bullets, and Joker returns to the pages of Hellblazer. His story “All I Goat For Christmas” explores the myth of the Chicago Cubs curse.

Jamie Delano, the first ongoing Hellblazer writer (#1-24, 28-31, 33-40, 84) is back. His story “Christmas Cards” takes Constantine to a high stakes poker game.

Sean Phillips is best-known for his art in Sleeper, WildC.A.T.s, and earlier issues of Hellblazer.

Giuseppe Camuncoli’s work has appeared in Swamp Thing, Batgirl Secret Files, and Spider-Man.

Eddie Campbell is best-known for collaborating with Alan Moore on the acclaimed graphic novel From Hell and his work as writer/artist on Bacchus.

Rafael Grampa has provided illustration for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Diesel, and ESPN-NBA Sports.

David Lloyd is best-known for illustrating the seminal work V For Vendetta; this is his third time drawing the John Constantine character.