Golden Age Great George Tuska And John Romita Sr. Cover The Black Terror!

26 septembre 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Dynamite tells us: The Black Terror is back and boy is he pissed! From the thrilling pages of Project Superpowers comes the first spin-off series and we’re kicking things off with one of the biggest and the best – The Black Terror! Overseen by Alex Ross, who continues to provide covers and plot/art direction for each Project Superpowers spin-off series, and written by Jim (AVENGERS/INVADERS) Krueger – the Black Terror « blasts » in to your local comic retailer. The series also features the art of Dynamite exclusive artist Mike Lilly, as the adventures continues in Black Terror #2 (November) and Black Terror #3 (December). Plus, each issue of our series will feature a cardstock cover (ala Marvel’s Secret Invasion and Civil War)! But that’s not all, we are blessed to have two of comics all time greats – « Jazzy » John (Spider-Man) Romita Sr. – who has graced the first cover with a rare chase cover to Black Terror #1, and now living legend George (Iron Man) Tuska has created an « old school » cover for issue #2! Surprises and thrills are to come from Dynamite’s Black Terror series!

The series has reached incredible pre-release attention and will have a phenomenal about of in store support, including the first issue of this incredible new series being featured in a 5 page preview in Wizard #206!

« Alex, Jim and Mike are both firing on all cylinders with this series, » explained Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci. « Mike’s pencils are the finest of his career and Jim and Alex have crafted a story that ties in with the events of our main Project Superpowers series, as well as working independently of those events for new fans. This opening storyline takes us right to the door of Superpowers Chapter Two featuring the Inheritors, and then beyond that, The Terror will continue to kick ass on the racks in his own ongoing series! Having Jazzy John Romita, the man who in my opinion was the « definitive » Spider-Man artist grace a rare chase cover to issue #1, and George Tuska start his relationship with Dynamite by providing a chase cover to issue #2 is a rare treat, and one that we are ecstatic to present to our fans and retailers! Both are classic artists in their own right and have helped to create the characters we’ve grown to love! The wonderful part of having Mr. Tuska involved, is that he brings a true taste of the Golden Age with his classic approach. We’ve also been able to have the colorist and our art guys « play » with the cover, to have it look as if it’s just been « found » in a collection or your favorite retailers back issue bin. This has been a lot of fun.

And if that were not enough, to add a very important point, we’re extremely happy that Wizard chose to preview Black Terror #1 pre-release to #1 being in stores. It will help bring our series more awareness than ever before! »

THE BLACK TERROR #2 By Ross, Krueger and Lilly! Featuring covers by Alex Ross, Mike Lilly, George Tuska and more to be announced!


Issue #2 features the Black Terror in a full-on rage as he takes the battle to the head of state – the President of the United States! Does President West hold the clue to the whereabouts of The Terror’s missing sidekick Tim? For his sake, we sure hope not!

THE BLACK TERROR #3 By Ross, Krueger and Lilly! Featuring covers by Alex Ross, Mike Lilly, and more to be announced!


In this issue, The Black Terror has bitten off more than he can chew on his quest to find out the ultimate fate of his sidekick, Tim. On this quest, he’s run right into « The Patriots » and the battle leaves the Terror shaken, but at the end of it, he comes face-to-face with President West!

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