George Perez « Creator Chronicles » DVD–Part 2 Hits

28 octobre 2007 Non Par Comic Box

perezdvd.jpg[ENGLISH] New York – Part 2 of the mammoth two part DVD « Creator Chronicles George Perez » interview is now available for orders via the Diamond Catalogue as a special signed and numbered edition on Diamond first orders only! Fan Favorite and industry veteran George Perez joins Woodcrest Productions and Eva Ink for the continuation of this massive interview that spans all 30 years of his career, chronicling the events via which George dazzled the comics industry with his dynamic work on such titles as Fantastic Four, Avengers and Wonder Woman.

In Part 1, which ships in October, George discusses, along with interviewer Robin Dale, his early years and the formation of the New Teen Titans, his work on Crisis, Infinite Crisis, JLA/Avengers, and his thoughts on industry changes over the years. In the new Part 2, available for pre-orders now and shipping in December, George gives his perspective on Wonder Woman, War of the Gods, and his amazing career resurgence in the last decade. All in that engaging Perez style!

In addition, for the FIRST orders placed through Diamond for both DVD’s of the « Creator Chronicles George Perez » will be signed and numbered by the creator himself.

A special 100 unit signed edition of both installments of this candid interview will also be donated to charity in honor of Perez and his continuing efforts to aid comic book creators in need. Stand by for announcements and show location for this notable unveiling!

George has recently stated that he will make no public appearances until at least 2009, so this two-part DVD will be the only way to spend some time with this notable creator in almost two years!
Both Part One and Part Two of « Creator Chronicles George Perez » are listed in the upcoming Diamond catalogue. Unit price, $24.95. Part One: ISBN# 978-1-60402-851-5; Part Two: ISBN# 978-1-604002-852-2

DVDs can also be ordered directly from Woodcrest Productions, Robin Dale and Renee Witterstaetter by contacting: