Flash Gordon Strikes Back In August ’08

27 mai 2008 Non Par Comic Box

[ENGLISH] Ardden Entertainment’s brand new FLASH GORDON series will launch to comic book fans in August 2008 through Diamond Comic Distributors — according to its publishers Richard Emms and Brendan Deneen. The series has already created a major buzz throughout the industry and with the sell-out of the exclusive New York Comic-Con issue zero – within a day and a half – Ardden expects the same frenzy for the first issue when it finally hits in August 2008.

Paul Green, the artist behind the new look for Flash and his supporting cast, has already been tipped as one of this year’s break-out talents. Green, who resides in the UK, has only recently moved into the comic book industry, having previously worked as a computer games designer for many of the top companies. Green is contracted to draw at least the first 6 issues. Brendan Deneen, co-publisher, will write the entire series, working alongside Ardden’s recently appointed Editor-in-Chief, J.M. DeMatteis.

Two regular covers in a 50/50 split will be offered to retailers and fans each month. One will feature a « stand alone » character and the other a « team » cover. There will also be a retailer incentive for every ten copies purchased. Two additional 3rd party covers will be available from U.S. based retailers.

Richard Emms, Ardden’s co-publisher, comments on the success, so far, of FLASH GORDON and the feedback that has already been received from fans:

« The New York Comic-Con was such a fantastic experience for both Brendan and me. The whole event was an extremely positive experience and having a sell-out in 36 hours – of the first book we’ve published – only bodes well for not only the FLASH GORDON series but for the company as well. »

« We’d like to add that the support of U.S.-based retailers Midtown Comics and Graham Crackers has been second to none and we can’t express how much gratitude we have for their staff and employees. Without companies like these, indie publishers would simply not exist. »

« After the NYC show, a ton of fans wrote to us saying how much they loved the exclusive 12 page issue zero story and that they ‘couldn’t wait for issue one to be released.’ Not only did we receive e-mails from the USA and UK, but also from Holland, Italy, Germany and France. It seems Flash has plenty of fans all over the world. »

Flash Gordon #1 – Shipping – August 20Th 2008