Drafted #4 Now Out Of Stock

10 janvier 2008 Non Par Comic Box

drafted4cover.jpg[ENGLISH] (January 10, 2008) – A flood of orders quickly depleted Diamond’s stock of the fourth issue of Mark Powers’ ongoing sci-fi saga *Drafted* this week. Readers and retailers will not have to wait long to seethe drought ended, however, because Devil’s Due is currently rushing a newshipment from its printer to fulfill new orders. « I’ve been in love with this concept from beginning, » said DDP PresidentJosh Blaylock. « I’m really glad that readers have latched onto the storywith the same level of appreciation. »

drafted5cover.jpgPowers’ story follows Earth’s first contact with extraterrestrial emissariesafter the destruction of Jerusalem. When humans from all over the planet areremoved from their everyday lives and told they have been drafted for acoming war to decide the fate of their world, the drama heats up as theirtraining commences.

« Things are about to get really insane over the next few issues, » Blaylock confirmed. Powers’ intricately woven epic in the tradition of *Star Wars*and*Battlestar Galactica* unfurls with each new issue, crafting a new saga for this generation.

The Diamond order codes for the first six issues of *Drafted* are as follows:

drafted6cover.jpg DRAFTED PREVIEW APR073607
DRAFTED #1 JUL073478
DRAFTED #2 AUG073554
DRAFTED #3 SEP073564
DRAFTED #4 OCT073451
DRAFTED #5 NOV073504
DRAFTED #6 JAN083550

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